From Justyna: on cooperative inquiry (notes for the Summer Camp)

Re: Free-Play Summer Camp for the Unschooling/Alternative Education Community 

I have been reading about co-operative inquiry recently and just thought that it could be an interesting tool for us to use thought the week to form questions, build safety in the suspension of our preconceptions, apply critical and creative awareness to our activities. I see it more as a general framework that can be loosely adopted than a research methodology. What do you think about it? It is just a possibility, an inspiration – a floating leaf that I picked from the river of ideas:) I think that it is a great idea to gather everyone’s intentions, questions, curiosities, issues which they would like to collectively dwell on but which can also inform practice in a tangible way. Knowing that information it may be easier for everyone to consider what they would like to offer in terms of activities. It would also be quite nice to be able to experiment and try things which may not work- but which can inspire us in a safe and engaging environment…

Justyna Ataman  ( j dot ataman at outlook dot com)

I am an artist, facilitator and video maker undertaking creative and educational projects. My motivation steams from the trust in an educational, intercultural and community-building value of creativity, working across disciplines of video, performance and non-formal education. I have graduated with first class Ba(hons) Sculpture and Environmental Art in 2013 at Glasgow School of Art, UK. Following on I have been a founding member of Art Shed Collective, Edinburgh; managing committee member of Market Gallery, Glasgow and a community artist at Glasgow East Arts Company. Working in Cyprus since 20017,  I have supported coordination of projects and produced videos with Dance Gate Lefkosia and co-founded of We Circle Collective hosted in Agora Project where I have been coordinating intercultural events, facilitating workshops and performances. Currently I am studying International Masters in Adult Education for Social Change.

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