Mother House Artist Residency 2024

Location: Karava 11, 2114, Platy Aglantzia, Cyprus | +357 99586369

December – June 2023
the 5th Artist Residency in the Ixodos series of Artistic Exchanges taking place in Cyprus and Brasil

The Eimaste Mother House is an artist space in Nicosia, Cyprus dedicated to engaged and restorative artistic practices of community and co-presence. It is a place of mutual support for families in transition, where we gather to tell stories, share food, dance in circles, sing, share skills, thank and celebrate life. The Eimaste Mother House receives artists to co-work in a rich, vibrant atmosphere and to live together.

The Eimaste Mother House is directed by Chrystalleni Loizidou (PhD), Cyprus-based artist and cultural studies scholar with an integrated life-practice in community-focused and participatory art, openness, and technological freedom. It is inspired by the timeless emergence of Mother Houses all over the world with a mission of care for children, for each other, for ourselves and for our environment.

We invite you to enter our circles, share in our pooled resources, and enter into a respectful exchange with our community.

**Starting Themes
Cultivating a culture of co-living in connection and harmony
Intentional Community-building Tools
Raising free children & “being the village”
Positive transformations in schooling


February: Gaianna
I have found myself in a lot of different roles in my life. Today I identify more with being a community builder, traveller, facilitator, artist, and a researcher of the human experience. I’m passionate about deep ecology, self-development, spirituality, shamanism, tantra, relationships, somatic healing modalities, dance, music, handicraft and art, among other things. I cocreate projects in different organisations that promote sustainability, holistic lifestyle and community-based paradigms.
I’ve visited a number of ecocommunities around Europe since 2019 and have lived long term in two. Through these experiences I have become a firm believer that this is a lifestyle best suited for me. For this I have been collecting community-building tools and self-development modalities, which make coming back to a communal and holistic lifestyle possible. I am passionate about sharing these practises through events, courses and workshops, such as EDE (Ecovillage Design Education) in Gaia Academy and other educational and research projects in many community focused organisations. In the autumn of 2023 my path led me to live, work, and train in the Tamera Healing Biotope ecocommunity in Portugal, an international training and experimental site for development of peace research villages. A big focus in this community is on freeing eros from fear. They believe that there will be no peace until there is war in love, thus they are tackling the sources of war in love. I will share openly and honestly my experience with living in that community and the practise of love and sexuality free from fear- how it looks like practically, how it impacts the emotional life, how it challenges prevalent narratives around relationships, love and sexuality, why this is such an important topic for this community and more.

May: Erika Wieser
I am a Kindergarten Teacher since 1978. Two years working in the Linz Tobacco Factory Kindergarten in Upper Austria showed me that I didn’t know anything about “difficult children” and that I had to continue my education. I went to Vienna for the next two years to complete the school for children with disabilities and then worked for the next 3 years in Christoph Lesigang’s outpatient department for children with multiple disabilities. Professor Lesigang was an excellent anthroposophic doctor for children and I was lucky to learn a lot from his behavior with children and parents. I worked with the children and gave advice to the parents. After the wonderful years in Vienna I came by accident to Greece where I fell in love with my husband Dimitris Papaioannou, a painter of Byzantine icons. When we came back to Austria, I worked for the next 10 years with children with severe disabilities in a dedicated kindergarten. In 1994 my daughter Myriam came to this world and changed my life. In 1996 I started studying Waldorf Education in Vienna which lasted 3 years, completing my final thesis on the subject of the tactile sense. For 5 years I was special assistant in the two Waldorf Kindergartens in Linz for children with additional needs, and finally, 13 years before my retirement, I started and led a natural Kindergarten on a farm focusing on Waldorf Education. Beside my work I taught for 10 years Basal Stimulation for Kindergarten teachers for children with additional needs. For three years I was working with adolescents with very difficult childhoods and trauma from the war in Bosnia. I am a trainer of health gymnastics since 1985. I am a beekeeper since 2005. Now I am in pension and I am lucky to do what I like most: to share my experiences.