Open Call: Free-Play Summer Camp for Educators and the Unschooling/Alternative Education Community


This is an open invitation to spend time together, find flow, and connect with like-minded/mindful children of all ages, recovering educators and alternative education researchers, unschooling or world-schooling adventurers, and practice-oriented dreamers of beautiful change, along with our families and friends. We wish to make time and open up possibilities for freedom and togetherness, for free-play, roaming, exploring, making green food, and taking care of ourselves, of each other, and of our environment.
Through this, we aim to create new relationships and strengthen our foundations in learning through art, share our experiences and approaches to cooperative, informal, outdoors, and mixed-age learning practices; and to learn from each other about being together in nature and beautiful rhythm.

Where: Our get-together will take place at the Chirokitia Intentional Community Eco-village, a place that can holistically accommodate our varying interests and needs. We wish to explore and celebrate the potential of the Chirokitia Eco-village as a site for cooperative learning and unschooling initiatives, and as an inspiring place for setting our intentions.

For more information on the Chirokitia initiative take a look at its website & facebook group.
For more information on the eimaste parents cooperative see, and facebook group.

When: Between Monday 21st – Sunday 27th of June

Preliminary Plan
Monday the 21st – Friday the 25th: Join us anytime for a loose daily rhythm, camping, on- and off-site visits, experiencing the place, and exploratory circles and spontaneous co-learning activities. We will be share spontaneously or on-demand:
parents circles
nearby excursions and hiking trails for all ages,
touch and massage for all ages (Justina),

Bring along:
Camping equipment if you wish to stay for one or more nights
Food and water (cooking facilities are provided)
Call Melissa at 99418073 for more information.

Donations will go towards building the eco-village’s water-system.

26th Saturday and Sunday 27th: During the weekend, our time together will culminate into a celebration during the weekend, and our rhythm will expand to include more people and families.

To participate or make enquiries
Contact Chrystalleni Loizidou on 99586369, or Justyna Ataman on 96229369, and consider contributing a few words about your intentions in writing.

One thought on “Open Call: Free-Play Summer Camp for Educators and the Unschooling/Alternative Education Community

  1. Hello dear ones,
    Here’s the draft call and image for the Edu-camp this coming week.…/free-play-for…/

    Sylvia, Justyna, and I have been inviting friends and interested people, and I have been rewriting the project as things fall into place (#openended, ##experimentallearning). I don’t imagine there will be a lot of people, but I hope that certain aspects of this will go towards a template for future Chirokitia projects and events.

    I want to make sure you all feel close to this and that you feel inclined to join for the parts most relevant and inspiring to you. In short, I’m inviting you all to a week of on-and-off conversations focused on issues of learning, and the learning-related potential of Chirokitia as a place and as a community. Here’s an incomplete list of cues:

    I’ve been meaning to speak with Evida about 1. the unlearning aspects of her work with no-waste, and 2. how her projects have incorporated an educational / workshop element, and how this can be supported.

    We’ve been talking with Mario about woodworking for and with kids, and I have a few ideas about how to engage some amazing people who teach woodworking and would be inspired by Chirokitia (we just have to find an angle and a platform to invite them on).

    Soulla and I have warm plans to connect our experiences and networks and I hope we can develop something that can funnel opportunities and elements of change (i.e. more and more nature) into the mainstream educational system as well.

    Justyna will be co-hosting and holding space, and is offering workshops on touch and massage.

    Sylvia and I will be working together on flow, rhythm, song and play, with adjustments for various ages so that each age contributes with care towards each other and our environment. We hope to model some traditional games from various cultures at some point in the week.

    Melissa and I started talking about how to engage teenagers in care, and perhaps we can
    come up with a compelling project on screen-freedom at some point, and bring in others who specialise on this. Something to develop with Stephanie and Olivia.

    I am also hoping to integrate something on the theme of Water for Monday, and perhaps also Wednesday (I hope that Gabriel will confirm this coming Wednesday 7pm as soon as possible, and that during this meeting we will start organising water-management workshops with him in the future).

    I’m chasing after a wonderful young woman with an astronomy and storytelling gift, to help us organise some stargazing.

    I contacted Elena to talk about parent and child acroyoga and the possibilities for this at Chirokitia. Let’s gather the ingredients to organise an a circus skills festival in Chirokitia.

    I hope that some of the most beautifully outspoken ex-/retired/recovering educators will be able to join us for talking circles on how to invite change.

    During these days I’m hoping to connect with the Forest School and Homeschooling Communities around the island, to introduce Chirokitia to them as a safe place.

    More soon, and looking forward to your thoughts,

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