Sylvia Serena Hadjigeorgiou

Sylvia Hadjigeorgiou is a contemporary ballerina and healer, based in Cyprus. She is mother of two adult sons, has been blessedly taking care of children all her life, and has been running workshops and dance classes for children for decades. She is a prolific organiser and author: Blessed to be the last of six children of an art family, I grew up amongst music, dance, poetry, literature, art and more, with a father that struggled with the British – Turkish occupation to provide for his family and a mother who resembled a saint. That gave me a clear view of the miracle that surrounds us, and growing up I chose dance as my main profession. Singing, massage therapy and writing on the site. For the last six years, with two grown sons, I changed from pushing my self to complete work and projects, to choosing what and how much to do, after the pressures of being a single working mother and a creative artist. My plans to go around the communities of the world and research for my second book were altered by the corona.